Expertwhite Teeth Whitening Starter Kit

3 Simple Steps to your whitest teeth

1. Apply gel to tray    2. Wear over teeth (with light)   3. Rinse & Reveal

The complete teeth whitening kit that will transform your teeth from yellow to white. Guaranteed. Simply add the teeth whitening gel to our state of the art ready formed tray. Smile in wonder as you reveal super white teeth. We guarantee that you will achieve rapid and amazing teeth whitening results (up to 10 shades whiter teeth) or your money back. Made in USA. Free shipping worldwide. Removes all surface stains from coffee & smoking. Penetrates deep eliminating years of tooth discoloration. Look Younger. Results in Just 30 Minutes. Simply add gel to tray and wear. For maximum results whiten once a day in succession. Safe. Gentle. Effective.

Simply add gel to ready formed tray.

  • Complete Professional Home Teeth Whitening System with whitening accelerater light.
  • Soft silicone tray heats to shape of your teeth (one size).
  • Blue Light Accelerates results (same wavelength as dentist)
  • 3 Gels (Choose your own strength: 16%, 22%, 35% or 44%)
  • BONUS: After whitening gel to seal and remineralize teeth

Whitens teeth up to10 shades. Guaranteed.

Professional Teeth Whitening At A Fraction Of The Cost

EASY, FAST & EFFECTIVE: At home professional teeth whitening kit. Simply apply carbamide peroxide gel to the tray and place over teeth. Reveal your whitest teeth yet. Experience visibly whiter teeth after first treatment. 

Removes stains and whitens teeth

So easy and effective! Expert teeth whitening gel is professional dentist approved teeth whitening gel which removes all surface stains from tea, coffee and smoking. Specially formulated to penetrate deep to reveal your best white teeth.

Removes stubborn stains from smoking, red wine, coffee and tea. 

THE DUPLEX TRAY: No need to heat and form tray- Included is our very comfortable, newest technology ready formed tray. Created using a soft and flexible silicone, it molds to your teeth through the heat of your mouth. TRAY KEEPS GEL CLOSE TO TOOTH SURFACE: By Keeping the gel close to the tooths surface, it ensures that the whitening gel removes stubborn stains from smoking, red wine, coffee and tea.  APPLY: Small bead sized drops of expertwhite™ gel along upper and lower part of tray. 

Blue accelerator light speeds up whitening

THE BLUE LED LIGHT:  This light accelerates the whitening results by emitting blue light frequency of 465-470 nanometers (similar to a dentist light). Compact design, specifically shaped and created for uniform whitening, this LED light activates whitening gel and accelerates the whitening process.  Apply light to tray at the start of whitening for 10 minutes. Reveal.

Professional dentist strength whitening gel 

CHOOSE YOUR GEL STRENGTH: Choose the expertwhite™ gel to suit you. Available in 4 strengths: 16%, 22%,35% and 44%.  The higher the strength the shorter the treatment time. Higher strength gels 35% (35 minute treatment) and 44% (15 minute treatment) are formulated for people that do not have sensitive teeth. For people with sensitive teeth we recommend the mildest gels. (16% (60 minute treatment)  or 22% (45 minute treatment):


Included in Starter Kit:

          • Tray and case
          • 3 Gels (12 treatments)
          • Accelerator light
          • After whitening desensitizing and mineral restore gel