Get-My-Teeth White Starter Kit



Expertwhite Professional Home Teeth Whitening Kit  

 Apply Gel To Ready Made Tray. | Apply Light. | Reveal.

Professional Home Teeth Whitening At A Fraction of The Cost

Whiten Your Teeth 10 Shades with this Home Teeth Whitening Kit The Expertwhite At home professional teeth bleaching kit. Fast, easy and effective. Experience visibly whiter teeth after first treatment. Expertwhite teeth whitening gel is professional dentist approved teeth whitening gel which removes all surface stains from tea, coffee and smoking. This teeth bleaching kit is specially formulated to remove both surface and stubborn stains. This is the exact teeth whitening gel that we supply to dentists. So easy and effective! Simply apply carbamide peroxide gel to the tray and place over teeth. Reveal your whitest teeth yet.

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How Does it Work?

1) The Ready to Use Soft Flexible Tray: No need to heat and form. Included is our very comfortable, newest technology ready formed tray. Created using a soft and flexible silicone, it moulds to your teeth through the heat of your mouth. Tray keeps gel close to tooth surface ensuring that the whitening gel removes stubborn stains from smoking, red wine, coffee and tea.  Apply small drops of gel to upper and lower part of tray and insert over teeth.

2) The LED Whitening Accelerator Light: Blue accelerator light speeds up whitening. This LED light accelerates the whitening results by emitting blue light frequency of 465-470 nanometers (similar to a dentist light). This LED light activates whitening gel and accelerates the whitening process.  Apply light to tray at the start of whitening for 10 minutes. Reveal. 

3) Your Choice of Whitening Gel: Choose the expertwhite™ gel to suit you. Available in 4 strengths: 16%, 22%,35% and 44%. Higher strength gels (35% and 44%) are formulated for people that do not have sensitive teeth. For people with sensitive teeth we recommend the mildest gels (16% or 22%). Three gels included and provide up to 12 whitening treatments. Whiten once a day for 7 days in succession for a full whitening. Immediate results after first treatment.

Choose one of 4 Kits (Different Gel Strengths and Treatment Times)

  • 16% Teeth Whitening Kit: 60-minutes once per day
  • 22% Teeth Whitening Kit: 45-minutes once per day
  • 35% Teeth Whitening Kit: 30-minutes once per day 
  • 44% teeth Whitening Kit: 15-minutes once per day

4) The After Whitening Gel:  Use as needed after whitening to eliminate sensitivity and add essential minerals to tooth enamel. Keeps teeth happy and hydrated. One gel included. 5 minute treatment.  

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