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Our Story x

Robin's story: 

America. The land of opportunity, where you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Robin, a young woman, moved  from South Africa to to the USA in early 2000 on a work visa. After a year, it was time to return home for a "show and tell" to her family and friends of her adventures in California. Had she done it? Had she conquered the land of the movies and fairytale success? With this realization, came an insecurity inside her. How would they perceive her? Had she changed, did she look well? Did she look confident and thriving? Superficial she knew. But the thought was there.

Having only just started her career, she did not have excess income for expensive personal care. Robin is an obsessive tea drinker (like 5 cups  a day minimum!) and with this indulgence, her teeth had started to stain and look yellow, and the realization of returning home made her take a closer look at herself. How was she going to make her stained teeth look white and bright? She lived in California, but her teeth and smile did not reflect this. After exploring the cost of professional teeth whitening, she decided the investment was worth the transformation. And yes! It was worth every hard-earned dollar! Her teeth looked terrific, and she went home feeling confident and beaming her pearly whites!

This simple transformation that had changed her confidence in an instant -  led her on a mission to create the best quality at-home teeth whitening products -that were affordable to anyone who wanted to experience the confidence and attractiveness of bright white teeth.

Expertwhite was born through sheer determination and the American dream and instantly adopted by enthusiastically tea, coffee, smokers and red wine drinkers. even dentists started to ask to carry her products. (That dentists want her products, makes her so proud and speaks as testament their quality and results).

Robin believes that your smile is your soul shining. I smile at you, and you smile at me - and our day has changed for the better. So let's pass this magic on - We invite you to experience this bliss project."  Robin - Founder

So hi, we are expertwhite. We have been providing the best dentist-approved teeth whitening products for at-home use since early 2000. So enjoy, and please let us know how it has worked for you!