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Bandes de blanchiment des dents

Bandes de blanchiment des dents

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"Ok, ils sont si faciles à utiliser et mes dents n'ont jamais été aussi blanches"-Greg J.

Qualité professionnelle, antidérapant. 7 x plus efficace que le produit acheté en magasin !

À base de peroxyde d'hydrogène est identique au blanchiment professionnel. Les bandes éliminent les taches, ce qui donne un sourire plus clair de cinq à sept nuances.

  • Ne bouge pas ou ne bouge pas, permettant un contact plus étroit et un blanchiment efficace.
  • Peroxyde d'hydrogène actif exact utilisé par les dentistes dans le blanchiment professionnel.
  • Faites tremper les taches (plutôt que de les frotter avec un dentifrice abrasif.
  • Blanchit les dents de 5 à 7 teintes sans aucune sensibilité.

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    "Je suis tellement impressionné ! Ces bandes de dents restent bien en place ! Les résultats durent plus longtemps que les autres bandes que j'ai essayées. De plus, j'ai les dents très sensibles, sans aucun problème. Hautement recommandé!" - Bernadette K.

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    "This is my third time purchasing. Fast acting, safe and my teeth are the whitest they have ever been!"

    - Amy J. -

    • 100% Risk Free

      30-Day money back guarantee. Not happy with your results? Just send it back (even if empty) for a refund!

    Premium Quality. Dentist-grade products for whitening teeth at home. Since 2003. Ship Worldwide.


    Tear open the strip and place it on your top teeth, then do the same with the lower strip. Wear for 20 minutes. For best results, use once a day for 7 days. 14 whitening strips (7 for upper and 7 for lower teeth). 

    Whiten once a day in succession until desired results (touch up as needed).

    30-Day money back

    If you are not completely experiencing smile happiness from expertwhite products, simply return (even if empty) for a refund!

    Safety, non toxic, vegan and cruelty free

    We love our furry friends! Our products are kosher grade, vegan and never tested on animals.


    Hydrogen peroxide, glycerine 


    • Does teeth whitening replace the need for dental visits?
      Teeth whitening gel only removes surface stains and deep discoloration. It does not replace  the need for your routine dental visits. Dentists are trained to do x-rays of your teeth and gums, look for any periodontal disease or cavities and hygenists do a deep cleaning..
    • Can I whiten my crowns?
      Our gel will clean crowns, but not whiten them. Whitens natural teeth only. Teeth will be whitened to individual's lightest and whitest natural base color.
    • I am getting new crowns what should I do? Whiten my teeth before or after? 
      If you are getting new crowns, we suggest that you first whiten your natural teeth to the whiteness you desire, then have the dentist match your new crowns to your new white teeth.
    • What if I experience tooth sensitivity from tooth bleaching?
      Some people experience sensitivity from whitening. As the Carbamide Peroxide penetrates the enamel to remove stains, it also removes the water in the tooth enamel resulting in slight dehydration of the enamel which is temporary and the tooth rehydrates as soon as saliva is reintroduced to the mouth after whitening This brief dehydration may cause some sensitivity to hot and cold liquids. For individuals who experience this, we recommend the Expertwhite™ "After Whitening Treatment Gel" which rehydrates teeth and replaces minerals and phosphates in teeth.
    • How should I store my strips?
      Storein a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. No refrigeration necessary. 2-year shelf life.
    • How does fluoride affect whitening results?
      Fluoride affects the whitening process by inhibiting the release of carbamide peroxide.
      We recommend brushing after your whitening session, not before.
    • Who should not whiten their teeth? 
      Consult your doctor if you are If you are pregnant or lactating under 16 years of age
    • Is tooth whitening/bleaching permanent?
      Teeth will naturally stain or discolor over time.
      Sodas, coffee, wine, cigarettes and food colorings in most foods these days cause this discoloration to happen. Simply touch up as needed.
    • When do I touch up or bleach my teeth again?
      How frequently you need to touch up is determined by the individual and how quickly your teeth respond to the coloring in the products you eat. (Weekly, monthly or bi-annually).
    • Shelf Life: Expertwhite gels have a 12-month shelf life (from date of purchase.
    • What if I swallow the gel?
      This gel is non-toxic. Safe on enamel. Use as directed.

    White teeth, best life!

    It's all about our smile, endorphins, an awakened mind, and being on track to living our best life!

    We believe very-one should experience smile happiness and the confidence a whiter smile brings. enjoy!

    Robin St Clair, Founder