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Expertwhite Magic-Wand Insane Results Kit per lo sbiancamento dei denti


Come per magia: fai scorrere la bacchetta magica e goditi i tuoi risultati incredibilmente drammatici 

Hai una routine quotidiana di cura di te? Allora questo è il kit per lo sbiancamento dei denti che fa per te. Otterrai fino a 10 tonalità di denti più bianchi e manterrai i risultati di un bianco brillante. Gel sbiancante per denti in un applicatore twist con pennello per applicazione. Applicato una volta al giorno per 7-14 giorni sbianca i denti da bianco opaco a brillante.

La bacchetta magica per gel con pennello con il famoso gel expertwhite

La bacchetta magica è progettata per l'applicazione precisa del gel expertwhite sui denti. Davvero ottimo per sbiancare le aree tra i denti difficili da raggiungere.

Doppia luce rossa e luce blu Tecnologia LED

32 luci LED dell'acceleratore mettono il turbo al tuo gel sbiancante. Attivando la luce LED blu a 450 nanometri (simile a una lampada da dentista) si attiverà il gel per accelerare lo sbiancamento.

Terapia fotodinamica a doppia luce per la cura delle gengive e un alito più fresco

La nostra ultima innovazione luce sfrutta anche la tecnologia a luce rossa che uccide i batteri negativi nella bocca, rafforza le gengive, e riduce la sensibilità.

15 minuti al giorno ti faranno ridere a crepapelle ed entrare nel mondo con un aspetto attraente, una sensazione incredibile e trasmettendoti la gioia con ogni sorriso luminoso che condividi.


  • Sbiancamento dei denti: 15-30 minuti.
  • Gum Health: utilizzare una volta al giorno per un minimo di 10 minuti.

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Vegan | Cruelty Free | Gluten Free | Flouride Free

All expertwhite products are safe for your teeth and will not damage your enamel. Dentist use our gels.


Teeth whitening is the safest cosmetic procedure available on the market today. It is, however, recommended that pregnant or lactating women refrain from use. If the gel comes into contact with eyes or skin, flush immediately with warm water. Suppose ingested in large quantities, contact physician. Continue routine dental visits. If you swallow the gel during your routine whitening, this is harmless in these quantities. Wipe excess gels off gums before and during treatment.

No Sensitivity

Used. correctly, expertwhite gel should not provide any tooth sensitivity. However, a small percentage of people may experience some tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, which will subside when you stop using the products or by decreasing the amount of time between whitening treatments. As the Carbamide Peroxide penetrates the enamel to remove stains, it also briefly removes the water in the tooth enamel. After whitening your saliva will rehydrate the teeth and eliminate chances of sensitivity.  Using expertwhite after-essential after whitening gel ensures re-hydration and is a wonderful treatment restoring minerals and phosphates in teeth. (A wonderful product, even if you are not whitening your teeth).
 If you do experience sensitivity, we recommend using Sensodyne Toothpaste (an over-the-counter toothpaste available at most drug stores). We also offer "Desensitizing and Remineralization gel. This gel remineralizes the tooth enamel by replenishing phosphates and other natural minerals in your tooth enamel, eliminating sensitivity and strengthening your tooth.

If your gums feel irritated, you are applying too much gel to the trays. If gel settles on the gums during the whitening process, it can cause sensitivity. If gel spills out of trays onto gums, wipe excess gel off gums with tissue. Pro tip: Apply vitamin-e oil  (or olive oil)onto gums before whitening if concerned about sensitivity. The acts as a barrier between the gel and gums.

Will Only Whiten Natural Teeth

This product will only whiten natural teeth. It will not whiten crowns or colored tooth restorations. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Use at Own Risk

If you have poor dental hygiene (decayed teeth, exposed roots, gum disease),or wear braces, have had recent oral surgery, or jaw jaw problems), we would not recommend teeth whitening in any form without first consulting your dentist. At-home treatments have risks involved, and you should consult your Dentist. In addition, some people may experience temporary tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. This will disappear a) within a few days after discontinuing use, b) decreasing the time you bleach your teeth c) Increasing time between bleaching sessions. If you are unsure of your current oral health, talk with your dentist prior to using expertwhite products.
The manufacturer and seller will accept no responsibility for any usage of this product. 

recensioni expertwhite™



"Prepare to Be Amazed!"

Yes, it is possible to whiten teeth up 10 shades and feel incredible.

The key to professional whitening is the quality of the formula that is applied to the teeth. Working closely with dentists for 15-years, we have perfected this formula to deliver the most effective whitening possible with no sensitivity.

30-Day Results Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


Expertwhite is Dentist Approved

Our premium quality tooth whitening gels effectuate clinical strength whitening results. Our commitment to using unsurpassed ingredients and ensuring a near-neutral pH-balanced Carbamide Peroxide ensures a formula that has been awarded devotion by both dental practices and consumers alike.

30-Day Risk Free

Try expertwhite risk free for 30-days, If you are not entirely amazed by the whiteness and brightness of your teeth. Return them for a refund.