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About Us

Expertwhitening, LLC have been providing teeth whitening gels to dentists and consumers since 2000.

We believe a bright white smile is the easiest way to give your face an instant lift. We believe that clean, bright white teeth send a message of health, vitality and increase confidence and success. Our gels are passionately made with that in mind, to bring our customers their whitest brightest teeth using the highest quality, kosher ingredients formulated to near-neutral PH of the mouth to ensure the most comfortable and successful whitening results and experience.

Made in the USA

Highest Manufacturing Standards. Our manufacturing plant is in based the USA and is manufactured according to FDA Approved Guidelines to ensure the highest quality teeth whitening gel available.

When purchasing Expertwhite™ gel, made in USA, you can be assured that you are receiving the finest quality teeth whitening gel that is safe, approved and effective. We supply this exact gel to dentists. Telephone number: 1800-651-8931 Email: Contact Us 

The expertwhite formula: Some products are water based and made in China, while Expertwhite is made in USA under FDA approved manufacturing and formula itself is gel based. The use of the gel is crucial as it creates a high tactile solution that sticks to the surface of your teeth. (The key to successful teeth whitening results). Carbamide peroxide, a stabilized version of hydrogen peroxide is suspended in a thick glycerin gel.  Expertwhite gel clings to the surface of your tooth and moves between the spaces of your teeth gently breaking down stains and restoring your brightest white teeth. 

Benefits: Restores stained teeth to brilliant white. Promotes confidence through a beautiful smile. Increases oral hygiene. Maintains outstanding whitening results.