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35% Teeth Whitening Kit


Achieve 7-10 Shades Whiter Teeth Guaranteed.

At home professional teeth whitening kit. Fast, effective and easy. Experience visibly whiter teeth after first treatment. Expert teeth whitening gel is professional dentist approved teeth whitening gel which removes all surface stains from tea, coffee and smoking. Specially formulated to penetrate deep to reveal your best white teeth. So easy and effective! Simply apply carbamide peroxide gel to the tray and place over teeth. Reveal your whitest teeth yet.


(a) Soft, ready to use teeth whitening tray and case
(b) 3 Teeth whitening gels of 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel (Up to 12 Treatments)
(c) A whitening LED accelerator light
(d) Bonus after whitening treatment gel

Expertwhite teeth whitening trayTHE TRAY: Included is our very comfortable, newest technology ready formed tray. Made of silicone it molds to your teeth through the heat of your mouth, keeping the teeth whitening gel close to the tooths surface. Ready to  use. simply add whitening gel to tray (one third of the syringe),

APPLY: Small bead sized drops of expertwhite™ gel along upper and lower part of tray. 

TREATMENT TIMES: Place the tray over your teeth and whiten. 35% Gel (30-minutes). After Whitening brush and floss teeth.


ACCELERATE RESULTS: During whitening treatment. Turn on accelerator light. Same blue frequency as dentist light. 

BONUS AFTER WHITENING TREATMENT : The Blue Gel is the Remineralization and Desensitizing Gel is the essential after whitening seal. Simply use after whitening treatment to give your teeth an added boost of minerals and to seal in whitening results. Also eliminates tooth sensitivity. 

MAXIMUM RESULTS: Whiten teeth once a day in succession for 5 days. After whitening use the whitening seal. Removes all surface stains from coffee, smoking and red wine. Penetrates deep eliminating years of tooth discoloration  and revealing your perfectly white teeth!  


Your smile is everything.

A premium quality tooth whitening gel made in USA  (FDA approved manufacturing). These are the exact gels that we supply dentists.  Highest quality ingredients ensure a teeth whitening gel that is safe on enamel and delivers expert whitening results.

Trusted by Dentists 

Made in USA |Carbamide Peroxide Gel |Safe on Enamel | 30-Day Money Back  Removes Stains | Whitest Teeth | No Refrigeration
Dentist Approved | Ship Worldwide | Vegan | Cruelty Free

Available in 4 Gel Strengths

Expertwhite 16 Sensitive Teeth (Overnight)
Expertwhite 22 Professional (45-minutes)  
Expertwhite 35 Rapid (30-minutes) 
Expertwhite 44 Extreme (15-minutes)

        Formulated in California. 

        Taking care of your teeth, like regularly visiting your dentist and removing teeth stains from coffee, soda, and red wine, is the best thing you can do for your teeth. Removing tooth stains and eliminating the yellow color that develops over time is easy and transforms a smile from dull to glamorous in as little as 15 minutes.

        Specifically formulated to remove stains, enhance white teeth, expertwhite is California's best-selling teeth whitening brand. 

        Teeth whitening is the most affordable cosmetic secret that transforms a face from blah to wow. A favorite amongst Hollywood celebrities who value their appearance, use expertwhite to improve their teeth and smile.

        Using expertwhite gels or kits will get you the full shade of bright white that your teeth deserve.

        What is expertwhite gel? 

        Expertwhite gel is a Californian teeth whitening formula that works to eliminate the most stubborn teeth whitening stains. When used as directed, you'll be able to finally get rid of and prevent the dull yellow look on your teeth. (and maintain it). Our customers, both dental offices and consumers, have been using our product for over 15 years. Why? Because it works. 

        How does expertwhite work?

        Our proprietary formula is near-neutral pH. of the mouth, ensuring an enamel-safe and comfortable whitening: experience brilliant teeth whitening results and little to zero sensitivity. Meet your new best teeth whitening gel.

        Have trays and need dentist-approved gel refills?

        When choosing a teeth whitening gel, it is always important to consider your individual needs and comfort zones. Expertwhite gels for trays are available in four gel strengths to meet these needs. All four gel strengths provide the same expert whitening results. 

        16% The mildest formula is for the individual who prefers whitening overnight, while the 44% gel is for the busy lifestyle that can only dedicate 15 minutes to whiter teeth. 

        Carbamide peroxide, a stabilized version of hydrogen peroxide, is suspended in a thick glycerin gel. Once expertwhite gel comes into contact with your tooth, the whitening begins. Carbamide peroxide gel clings to the surface of your tooth and starts breaking down stains gently and effectively. Moving between the spaces of your teeth and the surface ensures uniform whitening. Expertwhite gel quickly restores your teeth to the beautiful white color they once were.

        Whitening for the first time?

        Hold on tight. You are about to be transformed. Choose from one of our specially designed kits to take your smile from what? To whaaaat? Yeah, that's right - expertwhte.

        Designed to meet specific individual needs, we offer various options.

        The Daily Whitening Kit

        Using our precision brush tip gel and wireless tray keeps lips and saliva away from the tooth surface, while the 32 light red and blue light activates the gel, kills bacteria, and improves gum health. 10- minutes a day in your oral care routine will start your day with a social media smile!

        The Deep Whitening Kit

        Dentists use a tray for their patients to whiten their teeth at home. We modeled this Kit on that technique. The gel is loaded into the tray and placed over the teeth; the gel bathes the tooth's surface in its whitening formula, and coupled with the 450 nanometer light, it whitens teeth to nothing short of miraculous. The deep whitening kit is a seven day, once a day treatment (with touch-ups as needed)

        The Preloaded On-the-Go Kit

        Be confident that you can have your whitest teeth when you need them, even if you are on the go. Keep one at your desk, in your purse, or for travel. These trays have a foam strip soaked in expertwhite gel ready to open and pop over your teeth whenever needed. It's your silent best friend. Tear open, wear and reveal brilliant white teeth. These single-use, disposable trays are our most popular choices for people who have their trays or kits. It's your portable whitening superpower. Just tear, wear and reveal! 


        • Restores stained teeth to brilliant white.
        • Promotes confidence through a beautiful smile.
        • Increases oral hygiene.
        • Maintains outstanding whitening results.

        expertwhite™ reviews