Expertwhite™ Teeth Whitening Kit

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Expertwhite™ Teeth Whitening Kit

Achieve 7-10 Shades Whiter Teeth Guaranteed.

At home professional teeth whitening kit. Fast, effective and easy. Experience visibly whiter teeth after first treatment. Expert teeth whitening gel is professional dentist approved teeth whitening gel which removes all surface stains from tea, coffee and smoking. Specially formulated to penetrate deep to reveal your best white teeth. So easy and effective! Simply apply carbamide peroxide gel to the tray and place over teeth. Reveal your whitest teeth yet.


(a) Soft, ready to use teeth whitening tray and case
(b) 3 Teeth whitening gels (9 treatments)
(c) A whitening LED accelerator light
(d) Bonus after whitening treatment gel

THE GEL: Choose the expertwhite™ gel to suit you. Available in 4 strengths: 16%, 22%,35% and 44%.  The higher the strength the shorter the treatment time. Higher strength gels 35% (35 minute treatment) and 44% (15 minute treatment) are formulated for people that do not have sensitive teeth. For people with sensitive teeth we recommend the mildest gels. (16% (60 minute treatment)  or 22% (45 minute treatment) 

Expertwhite teeth whitening trayTHE TRAY: Included is our very comfortable, newest technology ready formed tray. Made of silicone it molds to your teeth through the heat of your mouth, keeping the teeth whitening gel close to the tooths surface. Ready to  use. simply add whitening gel to tray (one third of the syringe),

APPLY: Small bead sized drops of expertwhite™ gel along upper and lower part of tray. 

TREATMENT TIMES: Place the tray over your teeth and whiten.  16% Gel (60 minutes), 22% Gel (45 minutes), 35% gel (35 minutes) 44% Gel (15 minutes).     


ACCELERATE RESULTS: During whitening treatment. Turn on accelerator light. Same blue frequency as dentist light. 

BONUS AFTER WHITENING TREATMENT : The Blue Gel is the Remineralization and Desensitizing Gel is the essential after whitening seal. Simply use after whitening treatment to give your teeth an added boost of minerals and to seal in whitening results. Also eliminates tooth sensitivity. 

MAXIMUM RESULTS: Whiten teeth once a day in succession for 5 days. After whitening use the whitening seal. Removes all surface stains from coffee, smoking and red wine. Penetrates deep eliminating years of tooth discoloration  and revealing your perfectly white teeth!  BUY NOW


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