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Thank you for purchasing expertwhite gels. We are certain you will love this product.

As you are aware the world has gone crazy with supply chain and delivery charges.  It has become impossible for us to continue to offer free shipping, especially internationally. (In Fact, we think most business have adopted this new shipping policy). You will be charged a shipping charge at checkout (prices may vary slightly by destination) However, USA orders you may expect about $4.95 and international orders estimate $14.95. Please note: We are still heavily subsidizing the cost to ship the product to you. 

All orders are tracked and insured.

  • USA delivery within 2-4 days. $4.99 (Tracked and Insured)
  • International delivery within 7-10 days for product delivery. $14.95 (Tracked and Insured) . On occasion, we do ask our customers to allow extra time for delivery for any delays related which are beyond our control.

What if my package does not arrive?

Very rarely, but not can happen, that a shipment does not meet its destination. We are able to send a replacement (as your package is insured).
We would obviously love you to experience our product as we know you are going to be thrilled with the results. Although, should we re-send  ) and it does not arrive (it should definitely arrive!) We are unable to refund you after that. (As the insurance would then have lapsed). The chances of a parcel not arriving twice is very rare (especially when we have confirmed your shipping address).

Thank you for your business and continued support for 20 years.

Expertwhite Team