Choose the Right Kit

Yes, make my teeth white! Which kit is right for you?

Whitening for the first time?

Hold on tight. You are about to be transformed. Choose from one of our specially designed kits to take your smile from what? To whaaaat? Yeah, that's right - expertwhite.

All our kits have 35CP gel. The perfect balance between time and results.

Designed to meet specific individual needs, we offer various options.

The Daily Whitening Kit

Expertwhite Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light & Brush-on Gel

Using our precision brush tip gel and wireless tray keeps lips and saliva away from the tooth surface, while the 32 light red and blue light activates the gel, kills bacteria, and improves gum health. 10- minutes a day in your oral care routine will start your day with a social media smile!

expertwhite teeth whitening kit

The Deep Whitening Kit 

Expertwhite Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light & Brush-on Gel

Dentists use a tray for their patients to whiten their teeth at home. We modeled this Kit on that technique. The gel is loaded into the tray and placed over the teeth; the gel bathes the tooth's surface in its whitening formula, and coupled with the 450 nanometer light, it whitens teeth to nothing short of miraculous. The deep whitening kit is a seven day, once a day treatment (with touch-ups as needed)

Expertwhite On-the-Go Prefilled Trays

The Preloaded On-the-Go Kit

Expertwhite On-the Go Prefilled Teeth Whitening Trays

Be confident that you can have your whitest teeth when you need them, even if you are on the go. Keep one at your desk, in your purse, or for travel. These trays have a foam strip soaked in expertwhite gel ready to open and pop over your teeth whenever needed. It's your silent best friend. Tear open, wear and reveal brilliant white teeth. These single-use, disposable trays are our most popular choices for people who have their trays or kits. It's your portable whitening superpower. Just tear, wear and reveal! 


  • Restores stained teeth to brilliant white.
  • Promotes confidence through a beautiful smile.
  • Increases oral hygiene.
  • Maintains outstanding whitening results.