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 Hi, I’m Robbi

Below, are my teeth after not whitening (only daily brushing). Stains from tea and other foods have slowly penetrated my tooth enamel and made them very dull!

Witness the real transformation from using expertwhite in just 6 days. Expertwhite gently penetrates tooth enamel to safely lift deep stains that go beyond brushing.That's the expertwhite difference!


How whitening my teeth changed my life!

Many years ago, I moved from South Africa to the USA. After a year, it was time to visit home for a "show and tell" of my adventures in California.

Had I done it? Did I represent the land of Hollywood movies and fairytale success? 

As an obsessive tea drinker, my teeth had slowly stained yellow.

My dentist encouraged me to remove the stains and whiten my teeth with custom trays and a very expensive gel. And yes! It was worth every hard-earned dollar! 

This simple trick instantly changed how I felt about myself. My teeth were so brilliantly white I had the confidence and smile of a celebrity!

You know when you discover something so amazing you can’t stop talking about it, or showing it off? Well that’s exactly what happened to me when I experienced teeth whitening was such a life affirming hack! 

Through sheer determination, vision boards and the pursuit of the American dream, expertwhite was born and embraced by coffee, tea, smokers,  pasta lovers, and red wine fans worldwide!

Dentists even asked to carry my products (and 20 years later, they still do today). A testament to expertwhite quality and results!


My dream is big!

And it's called the joy-flow project!

It's about stepping into our future and making it what we want it to be! The world is simply a better place when we smile, and it smiles back at you! 

"I believe that your smile is your soul shining. I smile at you. You smile at me, and our day is changed for the better. Let's pass this magic on. I invite you to experience and participate in this joy-flow project." 

Please join us in this forward-thinking state of mind!

Robbi Carter, Founder xoxo

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