How to get teeth White?

How to get teeth White?

The simple answer is to first look at what products dentists are doing or using to get teeth white?

Dentists agree that whitening teeth with a peroxide-based formula is the most effective method to get teeth really white (like celebrity white!)


Because stains from coffee, tea, smoking, red wine, sodas, and pasta PENETRATE the enamel, causing teeth to look dull, brown, or yellow. Brushing teeth with foams and pastes cannot get there!


There are two methods for getting teeth white. (We're talking proper white like a dentist or celebrity.)

Option 1: Get teeth professionally whitened by a dentist. (A costly option) Your dentist will then make a custom made tray to  use the teeth whitening gel for touching up.

Option 2: Use a home teeth whitening  product (that is also used by dentists!)

Expertwhite formula has been used by and trusted by dentists for 20- years. Because it works! A stabilized form of hydrogen peroxide gently penetrates teeth to break down stubborn stains and restore teteh to a bright white.

How to get celebrity white teeth at home fast?


Brushing teeth with a whitening foam or paste will not be able to penetrate deep into the tooth to eliminate the stucco stains.

Knowing this, What should I do?


Expertwhite is dentist-approved and has been used by dentists for 20- years - so you know it works. You can whiten your teeth at home using expert white products in a few ways.

Option 1

The Transformation Kit

Applying a gel to a tray, activating the light, and whitening once a day in succession until your teeth are super white


Option 2:

The Insane Results Kit

Brush the gel on teeth, apply light, and whiten once a day in row until teeth are super white (this is the recommended way if you have super sensitive teeth)



Expertwhite offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are unhappy with the results, they will give you 100% money-back (even if empty!)

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