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GloOn After Whitening Gel

GloOn After Whitening Gel

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"This made my teeth feel super hydrated, and not sensitive anymore "-Haddid S

Expertwhite After Whitening Remineralization Gel & Desensitizing Gel for Sensitive Teeth Whitening, 5-Minute Treatment. Remineralize + Desensitize Gel for Happy, Hydrated, and Sensitivity-Free Teeth

  • Remineralization of teeth is a process in which minerals are returned to the molecular structure of the tooth itself.
  • Apply to the tray. Wear for 5 minutes

AFTER WHITENING TREATMENT: Remineralization + Desensitizing Gel

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Expertwhite After Whitening Gel GloOn After Whitening Gel

Restore, repair and revive tooth enamel

  • Minerals and Phosphates hydrate tooth enamel.
  • Eliminate sensitivity.
  • Seal in results. 

Apply to the tray. Wear for 5 minutes.

Expertwhite After Whitening Gel BULK: Remineralizing Gel | Wholesale Essential After-Whitening Treatment (50-Gels)

Replenish & Repair Enamel with Minerals and Phosphates

Expertwhite Teeth Whitening Kit LED InstaGlo Kit

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How remineralization works

Remineralization of teeth is a process in which minerals are returned to the molecular structure of the tooth itself.

  • Teeth are porous, allowing fluids and demineralization beneath the tooth's surface.
  • When demineralized, these pores become larger, opening the way for tooth decay and infectious diseases.
  • When the mouth's PH falls below 5.5, acid caused by sugars and other daily substances dissolves carbonated hydroxyapatite (bone mineral, the main compound of tooth enamel)  and is known as demineralization.
  • Cavities result when the demineralization rate exceeds the demineralization rate and the tooth structure is destroyed.

The exciting thing is that minerals can be recovered in teeth by a healthy diet and remineralized by ions dissolved in saliva.

  • Replenishes lost nutrients and minerals
  • Potassium citrate, restores and remineralises
  • Preventative gel to help alleviate any teeth sensitivity
  • Use as part of your oral health regime

Contains essential minerals found in teeth

Restore, repair, and revive teeth enamel.

The Expertwhite™ remineralization blue gel is a formulation of organic and inorganic minerals that originate in the earth, mainly magnesium and potassium chloride, which cleans and removes all damaging bacteria while restoring essential minerals naturally occurring in teeth - aiding in calcium formation (bone density) while leaving the protective bio-film on your teeth unharmed. 


4 x After-whitening blue gels (3cc each) per pack

Apply to teeth whitening trays before or after whitening to remineralize and desensitize teeth.

Remineralisation gel - Propylene, Glycerine, Calcium Pyrophosphate, Potassium Nitrate, Triethanolamine, Carbopol

Use before or after whitening?

Use with existing whitening tray. 

After whitening, rinse the tray. Place a small drop in each tooth part of the tray. Wear for 5 minutes. Remove trays. Do not rinse your mouth. (It can be worn overnight for a complete restorative process).

How to desensitize teeth before whitening?

Use a desensitizing gel to calm the nerves in your teeth before whitening. For the most relief, apply the gel to your teeth for 10 to 30 minutes before bleaching using the same bleaching trays you got from your dentist and rinse afterward.

Why are teeth sensitive?

Why do some teeth become slightly sensitive to hot and cold after whitening?

The answer is quite simple and easy to fix. Teeth whitening causes the tooth enamel to lose moisture during the whitening treatment.

Afterward, our saliva rehydrates the teeth. Some people need a bit more help. (Giving teeth a super replenishing treatment that does much more than hydrate and desensitize!)

Your teeth will love you!

30-Day money back

If you are not completely over the moon in smiles at your new white teeth, simply return (even if empty) for a refund!