Why expertwhite?

Since our founding in 2003, Expertwhite has grown into a worldwide brand. California's first professional-grade and dentist-trusted products for celebrity-worthy at-home teeth whitening. 

7 Reasons Expertwhite Outshines Other Brands

Formulated California, USA, since 2003.

The highest quality teeth whitening formula in the USA, our premium whitening gels deliver clinical-strength results. Our dedication to superior ingredients and a near-neutral pH-balanced Carbamide Peroxide formula has earned us praise from dental practices and consumers. 

    Trusted by dentists for 20 years.

    Our premium whitening gel formula is dentist-approved for effective results. Formulated to remove stains and enhance white teeth, expertwhite is California's top-selling teeth whitening brand.

      10 x more effective than store products, our professional-grade formula ensures super white teeth without any gimmicks.

      Our near-neutral pH formula guarantees safe and comfortable whitening, providing brilliant results with minimal sensitivity.

      Our near-neutral pH carbamide peroxide (CP) targets both surface and intrinsic stains, revealing your whitest teeth. Oxygen molecules in the expertwhite gel react with discolored molecules, breaking their bonds and revealing your brightest smile.

      Enamel safe, pH balanced, Vegan, and Cruelty-free.

      Our products are enamel safe organic compounds made in FDA approved facilities for the highest quality teeth whitening. Never tested on animals, cruelty-free.

        PayPal 30-day guarantee

        Love your new smile or get your money back (less 20% spoilage fee and S&H).

        Adored by fans worldwide for 20-years

        We have a great philosophy called the Joy-Flow Project, which is simple:

        • Whiter teeth make you smile more.
        • Share your smile and pass it forward.
        • A single smile creates a ripple effect.
        • When everyone smiles, the world is a better place.