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Which Gel?

  • Blue LED Light Accelerated Technology: 44% CP is used with lamp (HP available upon request)
  • Patient Take-home For Whitening with Trays: 16%CP, 22%CP, 35%CP or 44%CP (Available in bulk or pre-packaged)

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Wholesale Teeth Whitening Gels

Dentists and other dental professionals are always looking for ways to help their patients achieve brighter and whiter smiles. Wholesale teeth whitening gel tubes and kits meet this demand by providing a great way to offer effective, easy-to-use solutions that patients can use at home with custom trays.

Teeth whitening products wholesale come in various forms and sizes, allowing you to offer your clients a wide range of options. From professional-grade kits with all the bells and whistles to convenient tooth whitener bleach gel syringes with easy instructions for home use, there are carbamide peroxide products that can meet everyone’s needs.

Wholesale teeth whitening kits often come complete with everything you need for effective teeth bleaching treatments.