Expertwhite 22% Teeth Whitening Gel (Professional)

Not Too Mild. Not Too Strong. Just Right!

Expertwhite™ 22% Teeth Whitening Gel. Our Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Gel. Not too mild, Not too strong. This is the original dentist approved strength. 22% Carbamide peroxide tooth whitening gel  is carefully formulated to near neutral PH of the mouth to ensure comfortable and effective whitening.* Trays not included.

 22% Gel, The Original Dentist Strength  

Expertwhite 22% Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel in a high tack, high viscosity glycerin gel. Formulated for the teeth whitening enthusiast who likes to sleep with their trays in. Medium strength formulation 22% Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel is Manufactured in USA in a FDA Approved facility. The expertwhite gel is dentist approved and dispensed for 15 years. This professional strength tooth bleach gel will transform your teeth to brilliant white. Comfortably, with no sensitivity. 

60-minutes or Overnite For Your Most Comfortable Whitening 

BIGGER SYRINGE : Expertwhite 35 (3.0 cc) provides 3 applications per syringe. Compare to Opalescence (1.2cc). 
DIRECTIONS: Apply small drops of tooth bleaching / whitening gel along upper and lower tray. (60 minutes or Over NIte).

Made in USA. Free Shipping Worldwide. 30- Day Money Back Guarantee.