Expertwhite 35 Rapid (30-minutes)

Maximum Whitening Results in 30-minutes.


Fast and effective, this higher strength gel works fast transforming your teeth to a brilliant white.

One of our most popular gels, 35% percent carbamide peroxide in a high tack, high viscosity gel ensures it stays close to the tooth's surface to ensure your whitest, brightest teeth.

Our passion is making your teeth bright vibrant white so that you enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile with whitest teeth.

Dentist approved and dispensed for 15 years. Safe on enamel. Meet your new best friend.

Larger Syringe Size

A larger syringe size means more gel for you.  Expertwhite gel is 3cc compare to Opalescence 1.2cc. Provides three to four treatments per syringe. 12-month shelf life. 


Apply small drops of whitening gel to the upper and lower tray. (tray not included).  After whitening rinse with water and brush teeth

Treatment Time

30-minutes. May be worn overnight.

Made in USA | Worldwide Shipping | 30-day money-back guarantee

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Available in 4-gels, 8-gels or 20-gels