Expertwhite 44% Teeth Whitening Gel (15-minutes)


Expertwhite 44%, Our Strongest Teeth Whitening Gel Formula

Compatible With UV Light / Led Light / UV Lamp Light Activated Whitening. (Or used by itself for home whitening using custom trays without a light - 15 minute treatment).

  • Expertwhite 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gel. Made in USA
  • Strongest Teeth Whitening Gel Available
  • Provides 3 Applications per Syringe
  • Treatment Time: 15-minute
  • Compatible With UV Light / Led Light / UV Lamp Light Activated Whitening 
  • Worldwide Shipping UK & USA
  • Achieve your most extreme whitest teeth in record time - Just 15-minutes and you're done! 44% Carbamide peroxide in a thick viscous gel to ensure the gel stays close to your tooth's surface teeth to deliver your whitest brightest teeth. Fast become a sought after whitening gel. Mainly because it requires so little wear time over teeth. 44% Carbamide Peroxide gel. Just 15-quick minutes to your whitest teeth in record time.

    More Carbamide Peroxide Gel for You: Expertwhite Gels are (3.0cc). Compare to Opalescence (1.2cc). Directions: Apply small drops of tooth bleaching / whitening gel along upper and lower tray. Treatment Time: Wear in trays for 15 minutes. Provides 3 whitening applications per syringe. 12-month shelf life. Made in USA. 30-Day money back. Expertwhite USA's #1 Best Dentist Brand in 3cc Gels.  

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    Available in 4-gels, 8-gels, 20-gels.