Best Dentist Teeth Whitening Gel

Made in California. Direct to Consumers - The Best Dentist Teeth Whitening Gel. Taking care of your teeth like regularly visiting your dentist and removing teeth stains from coffee, soda and red wine is the best thing you can do for your teeth. Removing tooth stains and eliminating the yellow color that develops over time is an easy fix and  transforms a  smile from dull to glamorous in just 15 minutes.

Expertwhite products are specially formulated to remove stains, enhance white teeth, eliminate tooth sensitivity and restore small lesions in the tooth enamel.   Expertwhite is California's best selling teeth whitening brand. A favorite amongst Hollywood celebrities who value their appearance, use h expertwhite to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. Teeth whitening is the most affordable cosmetic secret that transforms a face from aged to youthful.  Using expertwhite gels or kits will get you the full shade of bright white that your teeth deserve.What is Expertwhite gel? Expertwhite gel is a Californian teeth whitening formula that works to eliminate the most stubborn teeth whitening stains. When used as directed, you'll be able to finally get rid of and prevent the dull yellow look and stains on your teeth. (and maintain it). Our customers, both dental offices and consumers have been using our product for over 15 years. Why? Because it works. How does expertwhite work? When choosing a teeth whitening gel it is always important to consider what your individual needs and comfort zones are. Expertwhite gels is available in 4 gel strengths to meet these needs. All 4 gel strengths provide the same brilliant white teeth. 16% The mildest formula is for the individual who prefers whitening overnight while the 44% gel is formulated for the busy lifestyle that can only dedicate 15 minutes to whiter teeth. The other important consideration is the formula itself. Some products are water based and made in China, while Expertwhite is made in USA under FDA approved manufacturing and formula itself is gel based. The use of the gel is crucial as it creates a high tactile solution that sticks to the surface of your teeth. (The key to successful teeth whitening results). Carbamide peroxide, a stabilized version of hydrogen peroxide is suspended in a thick, glycerin gel. Once Expertwhite gel comes into contact with your tooths surface, the whitening begins. Carbamide peroxide gel clings to the surface of your tooth and starts breaking down stains gently and effectively. Moving between the spaces of your teeth as well as the surface you are ensured of a uniform whitening.  Expertwhite gel quickly restores your teeth to the beautiful white color they once were.

    Benefits of Expertwhite Products

  • Restores stained teeth to brilliant white.
  • Repairs and remineralizes tooth enamel.
  • Promotes confidence through a beautiful smile.
  • Increases oral hygiene.
  • Maintains outstanding whitening results.