Expertwhite 16% Teeth Whitening Gel (Sensitive Teeth)










16%CP, Our Gentlest Whitening Formula for Individuals With Sensitive Teeth.

EXPERTWHITE 16% TEETH WHITENING GEL.  Expertwhite gels are dentist approved and manufactured in the USA.  16% Carbamide Peroxide formula in a kosher grade glycerin is PH Balanced to near neutral of the mouth. Expertwhite gels are available in 4 Strengths. *This is the gel only. Trays not included. Our passion is your whitest teeth. Enjoy the confidence and beauty that comes from a beautiful smile.

Finally, A Whitening Gel With Zero Tooth Sensitivity!

Expertwhite 16% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel in a high tack, high viscosity glycerin gel. Formulated for the most sensitive teeth. This gel gently whitens teeth to brilliant white. It is carefully PH Balanced to near neutral of mouth ensuring  zero sensitivity. Manufactured in USA in a FDA Approved facility. The expertwhite gel is dentist approved and dispensed for 15 years.

16% Gel, Safe, Gentle & Non-Toxic

BIGGER SYRINGE SIZE: Expertwhite 16% Gels are a (3.0 cc) Providing 3 applications per syringe. Compare to Opalescence (1.2cc). DIRECTIONS: Apply small drops of tooth bleaching / whitening gel along upper and lower tray. (60 minutes or Overnight).