What Strength Gel is Right for Me?

Expertwhite Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel.

Made USA. Ship Worldwide. Dentist Approved. 

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Safe on enamel | Dentist approved | Made in USA| Shipping worldwide. 4 Gel Strengths: 16%, 22%, 35% and 44%. 

Expertwhite 16% and 22% Strength Gel:  These lower concentration gels are best for people with sensitive teeth and offer amazing whitening results with zero sensitivity. Require longer wear time in trays and can be worn overnight. The lower percentage is formulated for sensitive teeth (or overnight whitening). 

Expertwhite 35% and 44% Strength Gel:  These higher strength gels require shorter wear time.  These are the strongest teeth whitening gels. For people who do not have sensitive teeth or gums.  The higher percentage gels are more concentrated requiring a shorter treatment time (or for use with a UV light)

LIMITED OFFER: Enjoy 5% OFF and Shipping Worldwide (to UK, Worldwide). Use code SMILE

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Expertwhite 16Sensitive Teeth Whitening Gel.

  • Formulated to whiten even the most sensitive teeth.
  • 16% Carbamide peroxide in pH balanced glycerin gel.
  • Zero sensitivity can be worn for one hour during the the day for whitening overnight.
  • 60-minutes / overnight. 
  • Made in USA.


Expertwhite 22%  Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Gel. 

  • The original dentist approved and dispensed strength gel.
  • 22% Carbamide Peroxide in a thick viscous pH balanced glycerin gel.  
  • Zero sensitivity can be worn for one hour during the the day for whitening overnight.
  • 45-minutes / overnight.
  • Made in USA.



Expertwhite 35% Rapid Results Teeth Whitening Gel.

  • Stronger, quicker, faster.
  • 35% Carbamide Peroxide in a thick viscous pH balanced glycerin gel.
  • This higher concentration works really fast to transform your teeth to a brilliant white.  
  • 30-minutes. 
  • Made in USA.


Expertwhite 44% Extreme Teeth Whitening Gel 

  • The Strongest Teeth Whitening Gel. 
  • 44% Carbamide Peroxide in a thick viscous PH balanced glycerin gel.
  • Our most concentrated formula for extreme whitening in record time. 
  • Compatible with with UV/ LED light or dentist / salon lamp whitening.
  • 15-minutes.  
  • Made in USA.


Expertwhite Gel | Made in USA | Dentist Approved | Safe on Enamel |  Shipping Worldwide | Since 2000 | Money Back Guarantee

LIMITED OFFER: Enjoy 5% OFF and Shipping Worldwide (to UK, USA, and Worldwide). Use code SMILE

      Enjoy 5% OFF and Shipping Worldwide (to UK, USA, and Worldwide). Use code SMILE

      Elaine Luckhurst wonderful! Seeing amazing results after only three applications
      carol wilcox Enjoy the products and efficiency. Good product and excellent delivery time.
      Alfred valenti great product and does what it says on… great product and does what it says on the label.  would recommend to anyone.  f Valenti
      Martin working very well
      Helen Friel Excellent did what I hoped will buy again…
      Wioleta Nowicka Very happy with the product Very happy with the product
      Leon Hurst Ordered whitening gel. took nearly a month to arrive, and the company didn't answer 1 of my ( polite) emails asking for clarification as to where the product was & when it was coming!!!
      sheila ber Excellent service. I would recommend ExpertWhiteGel to anyone. Great product indeed! at a reasonable price.
      paula Super value excellent redults. Super value excellent redults
      Shelley  Yerrell  Excellent company Second lot of whitening treatment I have had from this company, Brilliant service
      Robin Price I've been had.I have not received my order after one month. I contacted them after nearly 3 weeks. Was advised to wait another 2 days. After another 4 days, still nothing. I offered  to pay for postage if the  USPS had lost the original order.  I think I have been had. 
      Karen Bond Great product, fast results very happy!! More instructions to use in with product would of been useful.
      charles kershaw The service was excellent received… The service was excellent received within days  The product is good and effective  Should have been supplied complete with gum shields my only complaint
      NoelNoel This product whitened my teeth fast. The trick is to try and get it near the gum line but  not on the gums. It did make my gums sore for a couple days, but then they were fine. I used 22% for an hour and could see quite a difference. I would buy it again.
      Campbell Graham Absolutely love Expertwhite gel Absolutely love Expertwhite gel. I used to always buy Opalessance whitenening gel until I tried this but Expertwhite gel is far better in my opinion.
      Lee w Does the job.
      Mr Paul Ledger Very strong but good Very strong, but that's what's needed I guess if you have bad stained teeth.  Burnt my gums a bit sometimes, so you have to be careful. Gave up a few times as it hurt too much, but other times it was ok. Going to carry on using though, as people don't realise if you don't have normal teeth nowerday's  you don't exist!
      Andrew K Good product, does what's been stated.
      Martin great results with minimal discomfort
      John M Have been using this for a while and cam only say works for me. Teeth are whiter and no side effects. Gteat
      Sharyn Mitchell excellent no problems excellent service would re-order
      D RHODES Brilliant service and product. Very fast delivery.
      Jennifer Williams Excellent service Excellent service; excellent product.
      Claire R Efficient and good communication through emails though took much longer than others to get product to me.
      allan  perfect. great price, amazing service, brill product    
      M Ward A fantastic product  I would recommend to anyone who has never tried this product before.  Even my dentist has commented on how white my teeth are and how my teeth look so normal and healthy. I was always conscious about how yellow my teeth were and never showed my teeth when smiling when having my photograph taken. I would hide my teeth when smiling. Now my confidence is so high I enjoy having my photograph taken.  Thank you EXPERTWHITE GEL.  ,
      Constantine Have used the 35% now for one week and my teeth are shades whiter! So happy! And no sensitivity as of yet!
      Michelle  Bright smile. I ordered on Sunday and the item arrived by Thursday, it was really quick. This is my second time ordering from ExpertWhite and you have to trust the process. I ordered the 44% gel and within days people started to notice how white my teeth were. I even think the sunlight helps make them brighter              

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