expertwhite™ reviews

"Outstanding Results This product does exactly what is says. My teeth are already 5 shades whiter. I used the 35 max whitening gel. Brian Dobrijevick, Hampstead"    

"Good quality gel. Same as my dentist gave me. Jackie Mills."

"I decided to try this brand. I bought the Expertwhite 44% gel. My teeth are really white and I get compliments on them all the time." Lisa J. Anne Arbor 

 "No sensitivity - just white teeth. Yeah! Donald Orsino. Michigan" 

5 Stars. Works as promised. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Debbie P Ray, Hertfordshire.

"I'm buying a kit for my boyfriend now because I can't believe how different I look with white teeth! Alicia Lee" 

"Awesome. Your teeth whitening gel is awesome. I'm going to tell people for you. It made such a difference to my teeth, I feel like a new person.  Shelby Bertoni, London" 

"Like Zoom. I can't tell the difference. Same results. yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Lea Varenko"        

"Whitened my teeth. Impressed. Yes, I would recommend this teeth whitening gel to a friend. Nikki Strata, Kent

The Kit worked as described! J. Burchatt, Illionois                  

The starter kit was surprisingly easy to use. I would recommend using this if you want white teeth! Glen Farrington, Glouchester.

 "I whitened my teeth before dental work so that I could my dentist could match whiter crowns. G. Marais, Los Angesles."                                                                     

"Excellent product thank you. My teeth have never been whiter.  Yes, I would recommend the gel to a friend. Tyler Howath" 

""Does what it promises. Removes stains. No, my teeth were not sensitive either. Alain Gray"

"Product works. Thanks! Ron Reick, Manchester."

"Same as my dentist gel. No difference , but half the price. Brett Hollars, Nottingham"

"Easy to use. Works. Nice thick consistency to the gel. S. Kontolios, Philadelphia

I Hadn't whitened for a long time. I am very impressed with how white my teeth are again.

"Wipe it off your gums, that is the trick!" R. Oldershaw"

"Delivers what it promised. It works! Marissa Ports" "I am amazed at how white my teeth were after just one treatment :) C. Nagwaraba, Stoke-on-Trent"

"Very happy with this purchase. Will Naurett 

"Works like magic. Erases all the stains" Tess Hagan Michigan. "I will buy this product again. It works! Diego Wilson 

This really works. I saw a difference after the first treatment! Five stars. Pat Allisson""Excellent results. Great consistency to gel. Nice that it works so fast! Jack Lennehan, San Francisco"