Directions for use

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How to use expertwhite™  teeth whitening gel

Place small bead size amounts of teeth whitening gel along upper and lower part of trays. Only a small amount is needed to amazing whitening results.


Place trays over teeth. If gels squeezes out then you are using too much. Wipe excess gel off gumline.


Wear gel in trays over teeth for recommended time (determined by the strength gel that you are using). 16% (60-minutes) / 22% (45-minutes) / 35% (30- minutes) and 44% (15-minutes) 

After whitening rinse tray and mouth with water. Wipe tray dry. (brush and floss teeth). If using the essential after whitening gel (Remineralization & Desensitizing blue gel). Apply small bead size drops along upper and lower part of the same teeth whitening tray you used for your whitening treatment. Wear tray over teeth for 5 minutes. Afterwards rinse tray and mouth with water. 


For best whitening results we recommend whitening once a day, for 5 days is succession. You will experience visible whitening results after the first treatment , but to achieve full cure whitening, then whitening in succession will bring best results. Touch up as required.