What Strength Teeth Whitening Gel?

What's the best strength teeth whitening gel for me?

Expertwhite gels are available is 4 strengths. The strongest gel is 44% and the mildest gel is 16%

Find your perfect strength gel 

  • I want to whiten my teeth overnight 16%CP
  • I  want dentist strength gel: , 22%CP or 35%CP
  • I whiten occasionally but then want immediate results: 35%CP or 44%CP
  • I am cautious and I am prepared to take longer so that I may avoid any sensitivity: 16% CP or 22%CP
  • This is my first time whitening my teeth: 16%CP, 22%CP or 35%CP
  • I have very stubborn stains that I need to remove: 35%CP or 44%CP
  • I smoke or drink coffee, I need to touch up often:  35%CP or 44%CP
  • I want your strongest teeth whitening gel 44%CP

Choose your gel

EXPERTWHITE 16% CP (Whitening Gel for Sensitive Teeth). 16% Carbamide peroxide in pH Balanced glycerin gel. The most gentle whitening gel for sensitive teeth. Zero sensitivity. Treatment Time:  Wear in trays 60-minutes / overnight.  BUY IT >

EXPERTWHITE 22% CP  (Professional Nite Whitening Gel). Not too mild, not too strong, just right.  22% Carbamide Peroxide in a thick viscous pH balanced glycerin gel. Zero sensitivity. Treatment Time: 45-minutes / overnight. BUY IT >

EXPERTWHITE 35% CP (Rapid Teeth Whitening Results). Stronger, quicker, faster. 35% Carbamide Peroxide in a thick viscous PH balanced glycerin gel. Treatment Time: 30-minutes. BUY IT >

EXPERTWHITE 44% CP (Strongest Whitening Gel For Extreme Whitening in Record Time). 44% Carbamide Peroxide in a thick viscous PH balanced glycerin gel. Strongest whitening gel extreme whitening. Treatment time: 15 minutes BUY IT > 


Do I need the after whitening desensitizing gel ?

We recommend it as an important last step in your whitening treatment. WHY? After whitening your teeth are very porous and it takes awhile for your saliva to seal up the teeth again. The After whitening gel is formulated with minerals and phosphates that seal in your whitening results, re-hydates your tooth enamel and eliminate any sensitivity (even after the 44% gel)  BUY IT >