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20-Gels | SAVE 50% Expertwhite 44% (15 minutes) Extreme Whitening Gel


Expertwhite 44% Carbamide Peroxide Gel. 

20-gel pack (Save 50%)

44% Extreme teeth whitening gel formula for quickest results. Strongest formula available for whitening in record time. Fast become our most sought after whitening gel mainly because it requires so little wear time over teeth (15-minutes). Safe on enamel. Shipping Worldwide. 30-Day Money Back.  
Country of Origin: Made in USA (FDA Approved manufacturing). 
Shelf Life: 12-month shelf life. 
Size: 3cc each, 3 applications per syringe. (Compare to Opalescence 1.2cc / Zoom Nitewhite 2.4cc) 
Directions: Apply small drops of tooth bleaching / whitening gel along upper and lower tray. 
Treatment Time: Wear gel in trays for 15-minutes. 
Shipping Worldwide. 30-Day Money Back.

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